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Proverbs and Popular Sayings


Hay más tiempo que vida

There is more time than life.


Hierba mala nunca muere.

Bad weed never dies.

Se me subió el muerto.

The deceased climbed on me!  Which means: “It really scared me!”


Ya ni en la paz de los sepulcros creo.

I don’t even believe in the peace of the tombs anymore.  “I don’t trust anyone” 


Te asustas del muerto y te cobijas con la mortaja.

You’re afraid of the defunct but use his shroud to cover yourself!      It is used when someone is criticizing another one, but at the same time he takes advantage of him.


A mí la muerte me pela los dientes.

Death peels my teeth!  Which means “Death can’t do anything to me!”


Quien con la esperanza vive, alegre muere.

He who lives with hope dies happy.



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