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Day of the Dead
In Janitzio

This program features the ancestral and magnificent ritual of the Day of the Dead as it takes place in Janitzio, a magical little island in the State of Michoacan, perhaps the single most famous place for witnessing the Day of the Dead commemoration. 

The people of Janitzio, the famous fishermen with butterfly nets, have conserved the authenticity of their customs, their rituals, their dances and their way of dressing.

Through this program you will see their vibrant dances, their typical food being prepared, rituals by the fishermen that take place in the lake, and of course the mystic and spiritual moment in the tombs in which the living pay their respects to their dead loved ones as a grand celebration of life! 

This is a respectful, insider's view of the authentic Day of the Dead celebration.

English Version.  21 minutes. 

DVD $29.95

Spanish Version.  21 minutes. 

DVD $29.95



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